Online & Print Journal (Subscribed individually) 2017

Title of the Journal Print/Online                                             URL
Administration and Society Print  
Ameican philosophical Quarterly Print  
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics Print  
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy Print  
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics Print  
American Economic Journal: Microeconomics Print  
American Economic Review  Print  
American Journal of Human Biology Print  
American Journal of Physical Anthropology Print  
American Sociololgical Review Print + Online
Annals of Entomological Society Of America Print  
Annals Of Probability  Print + Online
Annual Review Of Plant Biology Online
Applied and Environment Microbiology Online
Asian European Journal Of Mathematics  Online
Asian Journal of Development Matters Online
Asian Journal of Legal Education Print + Online
Asian Survey Print  
Atomospheric Research Print  
Australian Geographer Print + Online
Biometrics Print  
Biometrika Print  
Biotechnology Law Report Online
British Journal of social Psychology Print  
Canadian Journal of Microbiology Online
Canadian Journal of Zoology Online
Chankya aerospace Defence &Maritime Review Print  
Comparative Politics  Print  
Computers in Libraries Print  
Contribution to Indian Sociology Print + Online
Convergence Print + Online
Critical Inquiry Print  
Critical Sociology Print + Online
Current  Microbiology Print + Online
Current Anthropology Print  
Current Opinion in Plant Biology Print  
Current Sociology Print + Online
Demography Print + Online
Discrete Mathematical Alogorthms & App. Online
Eastern Anthropologist Print  
Economic Geography Print + Online
Environmental Entomology  Print  
Environmental Review Online
Epidemiology Print  
Faseb Journal TIER 3 Online
Feminist Theory Print +Online
Genome Online
Geographical Review Print  
Govwement & Opposition Print  
Haemophilia Print  
Historical Research Print  
History & Theory Print  
History Of Political Thought Print  
IFLA Journal Print  
Indian Economic and Socical History Review Print +Online
Indian Military Review Print  
International Journal of Fuzzy Systems Applications Print  
International Journal of Rural Management  Print +Online
International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases Print +Online
International Sociology Print +Online
International Studies Print +Online
Journal  Of Asian  Studies Print  
Journal Of  Applied Probability Online
Journal of Applied Probability Print  
Journal of Asian and African Studies Print +Online
Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology Print +Online
Journal Of Democracy Print  
Journal of Documentation Print +Online
Journal Of Economic Entomology Print  
Journal of Economic Literature Print  
Journal of Economic Perspectives Print  
Journal of Education For Library and Information Science Online
Journal of Education For Sustainable Development  Print +Online
Journal of Environment and Development Online
Journal of Human Values Print +Online
Journal of Indian Philosophy Print +Online
Journal Of Medicinal Food Online
Journal of Mixed Methods Research Print +Online
Journal Of Money Credit & Banking Print  
Journal Of Political Economy Print  
Journal of Psychological Research Print  
Journal of Social Welfare and Management Print  
Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing Print  
Journal of the Royal statistical Society Series A: Statistics in Society Online
Journalism  Print +Online
Journalism  &  Mass Communcation Quarterly Print +Online
Journalism  & Communication Monographs Print +Online
Journalism and communcaion educator Print  
Library Quaterly Print  
Library Trends Print  
Libri Print  
Life Time Data Analysis Print  
Man in India Print  
Media Culture & Society Print +Online
Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders Online
Microbiology and Molecular Biology Review Online
Model Assisted Statistics And Application  Print +Online
Modern Fiction studies  Print  
Modern Law Review Print +Online
Nature Biotechnology  (Online) Online
Nature Materials  (Online) Online
Nature Nanotechnology  (Online) Online
Nature Physics  (Online) Online
Nature Plants  (Online) Online
Nature Review Microbiology  (Online) Online
Philosophy  & Social Criticism Print +Online
Philosophy of Social Sciences Print +Online
Political Science Print +Online
Population and Environment Print +Online
Population Studies Print +Online
Program : Electronic Library and Information Systems Print +Online
Progress in Physical Geography Print +Online
Research Ethics Print +Online
Scanadianavian journal Of Statistics  Print  
Science, Technology  &  Human Values Print +Online
Significance Online
Social Change Print +Online
Society and Culture in South Asia Print +Online
South Asian Anthropologist Print  
SRELS Journal of Information Management (i-scholar) Online
Strategic Analysis Print  
Studies in Indian Politics Print +Online
Synfacts Online
Synlett Online
Synthesis Online
The Journal Of Academic Librarianship Print  
The Journal of Commonwealth literature Print +Online
Thesis Eleven Print +Online
Trends In Plant Science Online
Urban Studies Print +Online
Vayu Aerospace &Defence Review Print  
Violence Against Women Print +Online
Work Employment and Society Print +Online
World Politics Print