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Department of Library and Information Science

Savitribai Phule  Pune University

(Formerly University Of Pune)

Ongoing  Ph.D Work


Sr.No Student Name Topic Guide
1 Agale Asmita Design, development & implementation of content management system for engineering colleges of sinhgad technical education society Prof. N. J. Deshpande
2 Barse  Narayan Library Services in NAAC Accredited Colleges Affiliated to University of Mumbai : A Critical Study Prof. S. Y. Bansode
3 Bawadekar, Nirupama  Impact of Information technology on the service provided by the Library & Information centers attached to the council of scientific and industrial research laboratories to support research and development.  Dr. M. B. Konnur 
4 Bonde Hemlata Citation Analysis of the Ph.D. Theses in Physics Submitted to the University Pune Prof. N.J.Deshpande
5 Chavan Baban A Scientometric Analysis of Research Output of Science Faculties of University of Pune Prof. S. Y. Bansode
6 Dhandore Kiran Study of the District Court libraries of India with special reference to District Court libraries of Maharashtra state Prof. N J Deshpande
7 Dilpak Tushar "Information Seeking Behavior of Users of Pharmacy Colleges Affiliated to University of Pune An Analytical study" Dr. S. K. Patil
8 Gaikwad Vishal Use of E- Journals Subscribed by Jayakar Library, University of Pune Use Study Prof. S. Y. Bansode
9 Gandhe Charudatta Developing a need based Information Literacy Program for students of Pre service teacher education - An Experimental Research Prof. R. M. Kumbhar
10 Garg Babita Evaluation of Quality Management in Working Life of LISc Professionals in Biomedical Information Centers and Libraries in Haryana in digital Era Dr. S. N. Singh
11 Ghatol Swati Doctoral Research in Library and Information Science in India: A Critical Study Dr. B. M. Pange
12 Ghodake Alka Study of College Library in Rural areas affiliated to University of Pune Dr. B. M. Pange
13 Humbare Avinash "Design & Development of Depth Classification scheme for Subject Geology" Dr. B. M. Pange
14 Jadhar Manisha Users Approach towards the E- Resources Subscribed Under N-List: A study with special reference to the academic Libraries affiliated to University of Pune Prof. S. Y. Bansode
15 Jadhav Vilas Evaluation of Digital Reference Services in Libraries of Indian Institutes of Technology in India Prof. R. M. Kumbhar
16 Jagtap Vijaykumar "Study of Web OPACs of University Libraries in India: A proposed model based on Usability testing" Prof.  N J Deshpande
17 Joshi Neha Use of Social Medias as an Information Seeking Tools by the Faculty of Management Institution Affiliated to University of Mumbai Prof. S. Y. Bansode
18 Joshi Priyamwada Organization & Dissemination of Traditional Knowledge with Special reference  to viral diseases  in Maharashtra (India) Dr. S. N. Singh
19 Khajindar Santosh Design and Development of Balanced Scorecard for university Libraries in Maharashtra with reference to University of Pune Library Prof. S. K. Patil
20 Kharat Santosh QR (Quick Response) Code & Augmented Reality Application (ARA) to deliver Mobil base library services: An implementation study Dr. B. M. Pange
21 Kumbhar Baban Use of E-Book in India "A Study with Special Reference to IIT Libraries" Prof. R. M. Kumbhar
22 Kumbhar Rashmi Design & Development of Children's National Science Digital Library for India Prof. S. K. Patil
23 Lata Suresh Designing A Model for Health Information System In Rajasthan (India) Dr. S. N. Singh
24 Londhe Nagesh Open Source Library Management Software : An Evaluative Study Prof. S. K. Patil
25 Mane Manisha Design and Development of university Library Portals Dr. B. M. Pange
26 Nargide Bipin Use of e-Recourses by the Faculties of Management Science Institutes Affiliated to University of Pune : A Study Prof. S. Y. Bansode
27 Pawar Vishanu Assessment of Information Literacy Skills of Chemistry students : A Study  Prof.S. Y. Bansode
28 Prabhat Ranjan Changing Dimensions of Information Seeking Behaviour  of Biomedical Scientists (Microbiology. Biotechnology, Bioinformatics) in India in Digital Era: A Critical Evaluation. Dr. S. N. Singh
29 Sengupta Shantashree E- Theses Repositories in the World: A Critical Analysis Prof. S. K. Patil
30 Shastri Sachin University Libraries in 2020 : A Delphi based investigation with special Reference to University Libraries In India Prof. R. M. Kumbhar
31 Shinde Sandhya Evaluating the Usability of Library Service accessed through mobile- optimized databases in university Libraries of Maharashtra Prof.  N. J. Deshpande
32 Talmale Mangesh Department of Library and Information Science, University of Pune Dr. S. N. Singh
33 Viswe Rahul Information & Communication Technology (ICT)  Literacy among Library Professionals working in University Libraries in Western India Prof. S. Y. Bansode
34 Wadekar Priyanka Study of Online databases of journals subscribed By university libraries in Maharashtra with Special Reference to Jayakar Library Prof. N.J.Deshpande



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